[IMPORTANT] Prison of the Gods server shutdown information

Thank you very much for playing Ragnarok Odyssey ACE.

We regret to inform you that the Prison of the Gods (PotG) server, which includes "Daily Quests" and "Old Card Draw" services, among other features, will be shutting down on April 13, 2015 at 6:00pm.

Even after the PotG server shuts down, the following services will still be active as before:
(1)Regular gameplay, including the boss rush from the Prison of the Gods expansion. (If you’re wondering why that’ll still work, it’s because the patch installs the boss rush directly onto your system, and it doesn’t require the server to function, while the other PotG features do.)
(2)Downloadable content.
(3)Ad-hoc multiplayer.
(4)Online multiplayer via PSN.

Below is the shutdown schedule.

March 9, 2015 5:00pm: End of " Emperium Shard" sales
April 13, 2015 5:00pm: End of "Prison of the Gods" services
※Information regarding the "Old Card Draw" and other in-game event dates will be notified through in-game notifications.

■■What will change after the PotG server shutdown■■
The following options will no longer be available after the PotG server shutdown:
Title Menu: Online Services / Server Access Rights
Norn Exchange: Exchanging "Emperium Shards" and "Emperium Fragments" for other valuable items. / "Card Album" / “Old Cart Album” / Exchanging "Emperium Fragments" for "Prismatic Dust." / History / Terms of Service / Notice from Server
Quest Counter: Daily Quest / Rankings / "Emperium Fragments" / "Emperium Shards" / Norn Tickets /
Other: Login bonus

※Important notice regarding "Norn Tickets."
After the PotG server shutdown, users will no longer be able to obtain Norn Tickets as rewards for completing online multiplayer quests.
Also, users will no longer be able to use Norn Tickets, Emperium Fragments or Emperium Shards after the shutdown, so please be sure to use these items before the shutdown on April 13, 2015.

We sincerely thank all Ragnarok Odyssey ACE players, and although the PotG server will be ending, we will continue to operate the game’s other features for your enjoyment till the very end.


Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Crash Issue

Earlier this month, some users experienced crashes while attempting to access online features -- including the Norn Exchange options. We have confirmed that these issues have been fixed as of January 14th.

If you are still having difficulties, please make sure that both the game’s version and your system’s firmware are up to date. Once you have done so, please restart and try again.

As compensation for this matter, we will be delivering 5 Prismatic Dust to all players between 1/22 and 2/21.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you continue to enjoy Ragnarok Odyssey ACE.

© GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


New ACE Skills

Here’s a full list of the ACE skills that were added with the recent ‘Prison of the Gods’ expansion:

Name: Two-Handed Quicken
Job: Sword Warrior
A skill that temporarily increases your attack speed. While in use, your weak attacks will no longer emit shockwaves. This can be used at the start of the quest.

Name: Assault Dive
Job: Sword Warrior
This skill lets you jump to the sky and quickly perform a downward attack.

Name: Over Reload
Job: Hammersmith
This skill consumes a fixed amount of SP to reset your other ACE skills’ cooldown times. It also greatly boosts your other ACE skills’ effects for a short while.

Name: Cyclone Ripper
Job: Assassin
A skill that has you furiously spinning while moving forward. While spinning, you can somewhat control your direction.

Name: Gravity Nest
Job: Mage
A skill that fires a gravity projectile and brings in surrounding monsters. Holding the skill icon on the screen can increase its attack, range, and effective area.

Name: SP Exchange
Job: Cleric
A skill that converts a certain amount of SP to AP. Just equipping it will continuously store SP, but will also restrict the use of Dainsleif. It can be used at the start of a quest.

Name: Divine Protection
Job: Cleric
A skill that lessens the damage taken to yourself as well as your allies nearby. It can be used at the start of a quest.

Name: Land Mine
Job: Hunter
A trap that creates a large explosion upon contact with a monster. It will disappear within a certain amount of time. You cannot use Remove Trap to forcefully activate.

Name: Arrow Storm
Job: Hunter
A skill where you shoot multiple arrows into the sky and have them rain down in the distance.


Prison of the Gods Expansion is Now Live!

The long wait is over; the big update is finally live on the North American PSN! The full list of added features can be seen below, or check out our latest trailer to see it all in action!

Expansion Pack 1.10 Content Listing:

- New “boss rush” mode— Named Prison of the Gods, this mode offers a gauntlet of epic (and customizable) battles with rare rewards going out to the victors
- New Rotating Quests— Available through the Quest Counter, these quests offer new challenges and rewards geared toward players of different classes
- Norn Exchange— New items and random rare monster cards are now available, plus players can also purchase even rarer cards with the new Emperium Fragments
- Daily Login Bonuses— Speak with the NPC Norn each day and get a little something nice just for stopping by
- Rankings Board— Players can compare their exploits and vie for the title of “World’s Strongest Mercenary” via the Quest Counter
- Three new DLC Sets— Exclusive to expansion players: The Absolute Destroyer Zero set is a suit of frozen armor with icy crown, the Crimson Menace set is a full suit of molten lava with two horned helmets to choose from, and the Gods and Pirates set features two majestic helmets and a classic pirate captain hat
- Minor bug fixes— Various updates enhance gameplay

Prison of the Gods Expansion Coming 8/26 to NA

It’s official – The Prison of the Gods expansion for Ragnarok Odyssey ACE is set to go live on the North American PSN as a FREE download next Tuesday, 8/26. This upgrade will add the following new content for players of ACE:
- Boss Rush mode
- New ACE skills
- Daily Quests
- Daily Login Bonus
- Online Rankings Board
- New Monster Cards
- 3 New Outfit Sets (to be downloaded separately from the PS Store)

For our friends in Europe, the expansion will be available for download from the European PSN starting 9/3.


Thanks For Your Patience! Big Update Coming Soon.

To all giant slayers everywhere, thanks for all your patience as we enter the final phase of preparation for the release of the Ragnarok Odyssey ACE expansion. We’re hoping to have the expansion out and ready for you within the next few weeks, sometime in mid-August; we’ll announce a more solid date as soon as possible. In the meantime, here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

- A new “boss rush” mode, called Prison of the Gods, which offers a series of tough battles with rare rewards. You’ll be able to customize the difficulty of the battles, as well as how many of them you’d like to challenge in a row. Available to players who’ve progressed far enough through the ACE quests.
-New rotating quests, available through the Quest Counter, which offer new challenges and rewards geared toward players of different classes.
-Norn Exchange will offer new items, purchasable with Prismatic Dust and Emperium Fragments. If you’re in a hurry, you can also purchase them via the new Emperium Shards, which Norn offers for sale.
-Norn Exchange will also offer random rare monster cards, which players can draw at random from the new Card Album. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can go for even rarer monsters by spending Emperium Shards to draw from the Old Card Album.
-You’ll be able to receive a daily login bonus by speaking with Norn each day.
-The Quest Exchange will feature a Rankings board, where players can compare their exploits and vie for the title of world’s strongest mercenary.
-Three new DLC sets will arrive, all exclusive to expansion players: The Absolute Zero Destroyer Set (a suit of frozen armor, coupled with an icy crown), the Crimson Menace Set (a full suit of red-hot molten rock, combined with your choice between two sets of horns), and the Gods and Pirates set, which features two majestic helmets and a classic pirate captain’s hat.
-Various minor bug fixes.

We’re working hard to tie up the last few loose ends on the expansion. Look for more info toward the end of next week. Thanks again for your patience, and happy hunting!


Ragnarok Odyssey ACE FREE DLC - Week 9

AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed Set – Strips ahoy! Guys can roam the streets as average-joe otaku Nanashi, while girls can wrap themselves in the old-world charm of Shizuku’s dress. Also comes with a special combat-boosting card.

Special Weapon Set – These “special” weapons not only pack a decent punch, and not only raise your chances for better loot, but also grant you the protection of the mysterious “Odd God.” Are you up for a crazy crusade?

Soldier Skeleton Set – Unleash your inner skeleton with this outfit, skull, and card combo, and show your foes the rage of the undead. (Note: Do not actually unleash your inner skeleton.)

Noble Clothing Set – Had enough of those filthy, uncouth Northmen? Don this elegant finery for a wistful reminder of the civilized world. Comes with a classically frilly hat, a splendid dress for the ladies, and a sharp military dress uniform, along with a special card.


Ragnarok Odyssey ACE FREE DLC - Week 8

Track Suit – This completely non-copyright-infringing workout gear is perfect for an afternoon jog through enemy territory. With the stat boosts from its card’s “Action Star” skill, you’ll bruise legions of foes.

Zealot’s Hood – With its shrouded shadow and glowing little eyes, this hood is just what you need to lead a cult, frighten children, or sell a few secondhand robots.

Pepo Pumpkin Head – Makes you wish this game had mounted combat, doesn’t it? Oh well, at least you can cosplay as the Headless Footman.


Ragnarok Odyssey ACE FREE DLC - Week 7

Still on the fence whether or not to buyRagnarok Odyssey ACE? Why not try out the demo and see if it's your type of game. Just connect to the PlayStation®Store and download the Ragnarok Odyssey ACE's demo!

Also, Ragnarok Odyssey ACE's freebies keep on rolling! Here's what's new today:

Special Quest 2 - Includes two new quests, "The Kiss of Ennui" and "The Kiss of Ennui 2." Finish them both for a hero's reward. (You must progress a certain distance into the story before these quests become available to play at the Quest Counter.)

PRINCESS PUNT SWEETS set - Not enough horns on your helmet? The Dinocorn Helm has you covered in more ways than one. Also comes with four musical tracks, available from Linde in Fort Farthest as usual.

Thief Head Kerchief – A colorful cloth. Perfect for a dashing rogue.

Yggdrasil Holy Helm – Tired of all that fancy headgear? Looking for something with a little more tradition behind it? This shining silver casque carries all the solemnity and grace of a noble warrior.

© GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Ragnarok Odyssey ACE FREE DLC - Week 6

PUZZLE & DRAGONS Set: Sorry, just a helmet this time – but it’s a very nice helmet, plus you get five more musical tracks (available from Linde in Fort Farthest, as always).

Great Sage’s Hat: Apparently, it’s Cool Hat Week. Wear this baby, and no one will question your wisdom again.

Silk Hat: Wear this classy number for a touch of magic. Rabbit not included.

Also, with this update the Ragnarok Odyssey ACE demo is now available for free on PSN for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita! If you haven't checked out ACE yet, here's your chance!

© GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Ragnarok Odyssey ACE FREE DLC - Week 5

EMIL CHRONICLE ONLINE Set: This mother lode of cute comes not only with five adorable costume pieces, and not only with a special card with an ability named “Tiny Go For Walkies?!”, but also five musical tracks (available from Linde in Fort Farthest).

Cool Sunglasses: Perfect for slow-motion walks away from explosions.

Ancient Tiara: This jewel-encrusted diadem has seen better days – and worse days too, with so much history behind it. Might not go with every outfit, but you can always call it retro and wear it ironically.

© BROCCOLI/GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc./HEADLOCK Inc.


Ragnarok Odyssey ACE FREE DLC - Week 4

SOUL SACRIFICE Set: Stride among your foes in dark, classy finery with the Noble Raiment and Sorcerer’s Hood, or bask your mind in the secrets of the Librom. Comes with a special card, which grants the skill “Survival of the Fittest” – power up your Dainsleif mode, but at a price.

Gagap Tentacle: With these glowing antennae on your head, your foes won’t know what to make of you, you’ll be a hit at parties, and you’ll never get lost in the dark.

Homesick Sakura: This bright flower has traveled a very long way to reach the frozen north. Wear it in your hair to help it continue its journey.

© 2013 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Ragnarok Odyssey ACE FREE DLC - Week 3

This week, Ragnarok Odyssey ACE offers not only more freebies, but more new kinds of freebies! Enjoy all of the following, on the house:

Special Quest 1 – Includes two new quests, “Blade of the Inhuman” and “Blade of the Inhuman 2.” Complete them, and you’ll stock the smithy with special new Halomonas weapons! (You must progress a certain distance into the story before these quests become available to play at the Quest Counter.)

GRAVITY RUSH Set – Zip through the skies dressed as the high-flying Kat, or don the suit and mask of the relentless Alias and stalk your foes from the shadows. Includes special cards that enhance your aerial maneuverability and improve the efficiency of your Dainsleif mode.

Big Bell – If you’re bold enough to let them know you’re coming, wear this bell set into battle, and let your enemies know for whom the bell tolls.

Flower of a Beauty – Who says you can’t be a lover and a fighter? With this rose in your teeth, you’ll win as many hearts as you impale.

© 2012 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Ragnarok Odyssey ACE FREE DLC - Week 2

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE continues its weekly free DLC rollout with elite ninja warriors, mythical monsters, and cute little bunny rabbits. Both PS3 and PS Vita players can help themselves to all of this week’s freebies:

DEAD OR ALIVE 5 ULTIMATE Set: Lady mercenaries can don Kasumi’s signature outfit to kick monster tail in sexy style, while men can wage high-flying swordfights dressed as Ryu Hayabusa himself. Both costumes come with special cards, which grant the “Martial Arts Instruction” skill – a perk that bolsters the damage of regular attacks and reduces AP consumption for ACE skills. (Note: Ryu’s outfit and headgear can only be worn together.)

Mokkurkalfe Doll – This stuffed mini-boss sits on your head and glares adorably at your enemies.

Norn’s Ribbon – If you’d rather humiliate your enemies, thrash them while wearing a pair of bunny ears. They may know what hit them, but they’ll never admit it.

Tune in next week for more crossovers, goodies, and something a little bit different...

© TECMO KOEI GAMES CO., LTD. & Team NINJA. All rights reserved.


Ragnarok Odyssey ACE FREE DLC

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE’s weekly updates begin with a bang. This week, both PS3 and PS Vita players can help themselves to all of the following,
free of charge:

TALES OF SYMPHONIA Set: The heroic Lloyd Irving and the pure-hearted Collet Brunel lend their costumes to Fort Farthest’s mercenaries.
Both outfits come with a special card that will reduce your HP and SP consumption while in Dainsleif mode.
Giant King Mask: This winged, golden mask radiates regality. Wear it to intimidate your enemies and show them your divine right to rule.
Ephemeral Swimsuit: Because what better place for a swim than the frozen north?



Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Launches Today In North America

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE launches today! Pick it up for the Playstation®3 or Playstation®Vita, in retail or digital format, and cross-play with your friends on both systems.

We’ve also launched a dozen different DLC packs for both the PS3 and PS Vita versions. Seven of those packs come from the original Ragnarok Odyssey, and are free to veteran players who already own the original versions of those packs; newcomers can purchase them for $0.99 each. Two packs, the Gorgeous Headwear Set and the Royal Ball outfit, are free for the next two months as a bonus to early adopters. Two other packs, both chock full of playable in-game music, are free forever. Finally, there’s a free set of licensed costume DLC from GRANDIA.

There’ll be dozens more free DLC packs rolling out from now until the start of June. Every Tuesday from April 8th through June 3rd, we’ll be releasing three or four new packs a week, including more licensed costumes, extra costume pieces, and special quests.

Both the PS3 physical and digital releases are available for $39.99. The PS Vita digital version is available for $34.99, while the physical version retails for $39.99, but includes a bonus soundtrack CD with 25 tracks.


Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Day One DLC Revealed

Today we are revealing the complete day one DLC list for Ragnarok Odyssey ACE! Coming April 1st:

Free to owners of the original "Ragnarok Odyssey" DLC* and $0.99 for others:
* Note 3.18.14: If you purchased the following DLC in Ragnarok Odyssey, you may download it again in ACE for free. For first-time purchasers of this DLC, it is $.99. We apologize for any confusion.
- Archer's Apple
- Bunny Hair Band
- Floppy Cat
- Gunslinger
- Majestic Horns
- Ninja
- Taekwon Kid

Free for two months, then priced at $0.99:
- Royal Ball Outfit

Free for two months, then priced at $2.99:
- Gorgeous Headwear Set

- Grandia Set (includes Justin and Feena's armor and hair pieces, as well as five music tracks from Grandia)
*Ragnarok Odyssey ACE will include "Justin's Goggles" and "Feena's hair accessories" free via patch update. The two content packs below can be accessed through the PlayStation Store for free.

- Ragnarok Odyssey Collection (includes 10 armor items and 115 tracks from the original Ragnarok Odyssey)
- Ragnarok Online BGM Arrange Collection (includes 14 tracks from the original Ragnarok Odyssey)


Ragnarok Odyssey ACE to launch on April 1st, 2014

It's no April Fool's joke; Ragnarok Odyssey ACE launches for PS3 and PS Vita simultaneously in North America on April 1st! The PS3 version will be $39.99 both physically and on the PlayStation Store. All launch retail copies of the PS Vita version will come with a bonus soundtrack CD with a suggested retail price of $39.99, while the PS Vita digital release will be $34.99 on PSN. Not only do we have some new PS3 screenshots and a trailer to show off, but Ryan of XSEED is answering all of your ACE questions live over at Playstation Blog. Click the link to satisfy all your ACE needs and prep yourself for giant-slaying!